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Trader Jakes – Issue 776 March 9, 2018

“In God we trust” Page 9

This year’s Woman’s March had a turnout of 1.6-2.5 million peo-

ple across the country. Large numbers of liberal thinking marchers;

women who first turned out in 2017 to oppose America’s newly

elected President, Donald Trump. That demonstration occurred

before he was in office a month.

Hillary Clinton during her campaign, claimed one of her greatest

idols to be Margaret Zanger, founder of Planned Parenthood, an

abortion factory that in fact, now sells butchered baby parts.A

majority of women marching this year would support Hillary Clinton

over Donald Trump in a heartbeat.This is no surprise, since a major-

ity of women marching support Planned Parenthood and abortion.

Margarent Zanger, incidentally was a fervent admirer and friend of

Adolph Hitler, sharing his interest in Eugenics.

It’s been long enough so everyone personally involved with the

Holocaust is either dead or so old and so few in number, most deem

the group irrelevant. This leaves many Jewish and other descen-

dents of survivors of that horrific time with troubling reservations

over future life in America. Some leaders and organizers of the

Woman’s March seem to have ties to anti-semitic and homophobic

hate groups.The anti-semite, Louis Farrakhan, along with his Nation

of Islam is one such group.

Tamika Mallory, co-president of the Woman’s March recently

attended a Farrakhan hate-filled rally and was actually called out

as in, Hey, I’m glad to see you here, by none other than Farrakhan

himself. One might say, Well, Farrakhan has done some good, look

at that “Million Man March.” Well, one might say Hitler did some

good, look at Volkswagen. I still would NOT, have been caught dead

at a Hitler rally. If I had been, I probably would have ended up dead.

Many millenials today would gladly give up Liberty and Capitalism

for a life under Socialism*.

A major item in the agenda of the leaders of this Leftist movement

is gun confiscation. The Woman’s March is now using the 17 brutal

murders that took place in Parkland, Florida to further their cause.

Empower, the Woman’s March youth branch has gotten together

with and is supporting the students of Marjorie Stoneman Douglass

High School in their efforts to further gun control. Many Socialist or

Communist leaders have confiscated people’s firearms in the past.

Hitler, Stalin, Mao and Pol Pot immediately come to mind. Only prob-

lem is, those past firearm confiscations resulted in tens of millions

of innocent people being slaughtered. Supporters or followers of

those past tyrannical monsters went along with whatever they

wanted and whatever they declared. Most were glad to be part of

the wolfpack and not the herd of sheep. When millions of liberal

thinking women follow leaders who wear pink pussy hats, declar-

ing their desire to blow up the White House, it is worrisome. When

millions of people follow leaders who applaud hate groups, it is wor-

risome. When millions of cheering people follow leaders who wish

to take law abiding citizen’s “right to bear arms” away and in so

doing, de-legitimize the Constitution, it is very worrisome.When mil-

lions follow leaders who wish to fundalmentally change this great

nation, it is cause for grave concern. It is reminiscent of dark and

evil times not so very long ago.

*Washington Post “It’s time to give Socialism a try”(This article is non-sense

that many Americans now believe).

Reminiscent of Dark & Evil Times...

The Story of John

Once upon a time there were two groups of people with opposing

ideologies. The most enlightened member of one of those groups of

people was a man named John. He knew that what made his com-

munity rise above others, was the knowledge that human beings

have the ability to think, to reason and to communicate. He decided

to reason with his enemy. Surely in this huge world, the two groups

could be tolerant of each others beliefs.With no weapons, but armed

with the truth that humanity will triumph over tyranny, John pro-

ceeded to his enemies camp. Face to face with the most brutal

member of the opposing group, He held his hand out in a show of

friendship. John’s adversary, as quick as you can say hate, grabbed

John by the hair and with one swift swipe, cut John’s head off.