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Trader Jakes – Issue 780 April 6, 2018

Page 10 “Thank You For Reading Trader Jakes”


I believed the difference between the Republican and Democratic

parties was a hand up versus a hand out. I assumed both Parties

loved the country, the Constitution and the Freedoms we Americans

are able to live. So, although policies would differ from President to

President,the country’s well being was always in the heart and in

the mind of every President no matter which party won. For me, this

rang true untill the 2008 campaign and election of Barack Obama,

44th President of the United States. On the campaign trail, we heard

spreading the wealth is a good thing, if you own a business or com-

pany, you didn’t build it. He said he would raise taxes so high on fos-

sil fuels, electricity prices were necessarily going to skyrocket!

Upon taking office Barack’s first call to duty was a round the world

apology tour. This was an effort to placate our enemies in order to

make the world a safer place. That and to put our allies on notice,

this Administration said and is planning to fundamentally change

America and American policy.With his pen, his phone and executive

orders, with an ideology of making America weaker, so the world

can be more fair, the Obama Administration all but destroyed the

American economy with high taxation and millions of business

strangling regulations. President Obama’s foreign policy was per-

haps even more destructive. A policy of aligning with our enemies,

i.e. Iran and the Iranian Nucleaar Deal, the Muslim Brotherhood in

the White House, cozying up to Fidel, leading from behind in support

of the Arab Spring and their quest to radicalize North Africa, his

many red lines in the Syrian sand, withdrawing from Iraq leaving the

ISIS JV Team to take control, pre-1967 borders for Israel-stop build-

ing settlements-wait for the Arab onslaught.

Now it’s becoming clear the Obama Administration spent much of

its time unmasking Americans, conspiring with the FBI, the NSA and

the Justice Department to control an American election and to install

their own puppet Hillary Clinton. The Obama Administration along

with the Department of Justice and the FBI; believing Hillary would

be the 45th President of th United States committed many crimes

to ensure the outcome of the election. Only problem for that bunch,,

Trump won. The lies, corruption and high crimes are slowly coming

to the surface and are apparently beginning to be investigated.

President Donald Trump, despite the cheating, the fake news and

the absolute hatred of the Never-Trumpers, has managed to turn

this nation around. He has returned this country to a direction more

in line with the Constitution and the ideals of our Founding Fathers.

This course correction toward our Constitution, along with a dra-

matic cut in taxes and regulations, has allowed the economy to soar.

The country is close to full employment. Government assistance is

at a low. The President


build the wall. He is securing the south-

ern border using the military. He has decimated ISIS all but elimi-

nating the evil scum. President Trump is very supportive of Israel

and our other Sunni Arab allies in the region. He doesn’t cozy up to

radical Islamists or their organizations. He has given “Rocket Man”

some ultimatums and “Rocket Man” now wishes to respond with

discussionsonD-NuclearizationoftheKoreanpeninsula.The Saudii prince,

agreeing with the President’s foreign policy through strength,

recently stated, he believed Israel had a right to its own land. The

President is re-negotiating trade deals around the world that have

been terrible for America. He is refunding and rebuilding the mili-

tary into a fighting force that can and will back his every move of

leading from the front. President Trump has in one year put the

American people back to work. His policies are bringing jobs back to

America.With new rules of engagement and a committment to win,

he has slowed or stopped the murderous spread of radical Islam.

Tyrants around the world have taken notice,Trump is no Obama.This

sheriff acts.

Although winning the majorities in both the House and the Senate,

the President’s swamp-draining policies have made him a very

lonely man in Washington. This President has practically no help

from the Senate.With his small Senate majority and Never-Trumpers

like John McCain along with the Democrats, most of the President’s

efforts have been held up when it comes to legislation. President

Trump has accomplished much on his own with executive orders.

Pretty much by himself, he is turning this country in a more

Conservative direction. A direction good for the well being and pros-

perity of the middle class. Policies that are making America great

again. Policies that are bringing some peace and some stability to

parts of the world that have been under grave duress, violence and

hardship. President Trump is spreading light where there has only

been darkness.

For the President to continue his poliicies of Making America Great

for all Americans, it is imperative to keep a Republican majority in

the House and in the Senate.That means, even if you have no choice

but to vote for spineless Republican swamp monsters, you must get

out and vote. A Democratic led House and Senate would be the end

of our President and the end of our Constitutional Republic.

A fter the

Hurricane 1926