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Trader Jakes – Issue 781 April 13, 2018

Page 10 “Thank You For Reading Trader Jakes”

November 2016, Republicans were elated. We had won our coun-

try back from an 8 year Leftist movement.A movement that had

been an attack on Freedom and an attack on Liberty. 8 years of an

Administration that was opposed to this Constitutional Republic and

was hellbent on fundamentally changing it. America had voted!

Donald Trump was our new and duly elected 45th President of the

United States. Now 17 months later this Presidency and our

Constitutional Republic are still under attack. The President is being

undermined at every turn of the way. The Undermining by a main-

stream media who spues lies and misinformation and a fake Robert

Mueller Russian collusion investigation, that goes on and on and on

with no evidence of wrongdoing; is keeping this Administration from

accomplishing its goal of Making America Great Again! Previously

installed, Democratic voting bureaucrats,many with far Leftist ide-

ologies along with some who are just Republican Trump haters, are

embedded in and seem to still control the FBI, the Department of

Justice and much of the intelligence community. These bureau-

crats, Democrats in Congress and Republican Never-Trumpers

work hard every day keeping President Trump from successfully

accomplishing his foreign and domestic policies. Domestic policies

that would enhance and beter the lives of all Americans and a for-

eign policy that ensures our national security and that of our allies.

Policies that give hope to inflicted people around the world.

What the Left really hates, what really rattles their chain, is, with

all their pomp, diplomacy and knowledge of Washington and the

world, everytime this President acts, the Left is very clearly proven

wrong. Proven wrong by unpolished, ungrateful, uninformed

Trump...but he proves them wrong everytime! There are many

examples of this. Just yesterday, the fake news and many in

Congress ridiculing the President declaring his steel and aluminum

tarriffs would start a trade war with China, were once again proven

wrong. China said, it will change its trade structure to be more

accomodating and fair to the United States, including lowering

import taxes on automobiles, relaxing banking regulations and

stopping intellectual theft.

President Trump leading from a position of strength, has done

more to stop North Korea’s aggressive behavior than any other

President since the KoreanWar. It seemed like Kim Jong Un of North

Korea was testing Trump by testing rockets. Trump passed the test

with a massive flyover of American strength. “Rocket Man” the

name President Trump affectionately calls the North Korean leader,

changed his tune and sent North Korean athletes to Seoul, for par-

ticipation in the recent olympics. The North Korean leader now

wishes to have face to face discussions with President Trump about

de-nuclearizing the Korean peninsula. President Trump has had to

offer nothing in return.

Iran, our enemy since 1979 no longer has an enabler in

Washington. Trump will not allow a nation who worships the twel-

veth Iman and vows “Death to America,” to develop nuclear

weapons and ICBM’s.

President Trump has all but eliminated ISIS from Northern Syria

and Iraq.

The President’s leadership in the Middle East and his uncanny

ability to understand foreign affairs and the leaders of the Middle

East combined with Iran’s aggressive behaviors is allowing a never

before alliance between Saudia Arabia, Jordan, the Arab Emirates,

Egypt and Israel. Last week Saudia Arabia’s Crown Prince said,

“Israel has a right to its own land.” This is a monumental change in

Middle Eastern thinking!

President Trump is now on the verge of striking Syria’s President

Assad once again for his use of chemical weapons on his own peo-

ple. Putin’s Russia had no influence in Syria before the Obama

Administration, but now has a strong military presence in the coun-

try. Putin said today, if President Trump uses force against Assad,it

will be met with Russian force. We believe President Trump will

strike Assad hitting many targets in Syria. We also believe Russia

will not intervene and the Middle East will temporarily be more safe.

Although this President has completed one policy after another

that brings positive results to the American people; the Presidency

is being stolen before our very eyes. It is imperative Republicans

keep control of the Senate and the House. If the majority is lost,

there will be no more hearings into Democratic corruption. The

Department of Justice, the FBI and the Intelligence community will

remain Leftist and will remain political. There will be no, equal jus-

tice under the law. We will lose our Freedom and tyranny will rule.

This November’s election is that important. If Republicans lose their

majority in the House and the Senate, this Constitutional Republic

we have called America for more than 240 years will be lost for-


Still Under Attack!