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Trader Jakes – Issue 816- December 14, 2018

Page 10 “Thank You For Reading Trader Jakes”

Equal Justice Under the Law

This Hanukuk and Christmas season we would like to remember

and give thanks to the Lord for our military, law enforcement and for

our President.

We are thankful for allowing America to be protected by the might-

iest and most honorable military this often very dark world has ever

known. We are thankful for our police. Without law enforcement

there is only anarchy. This Constitutional Republic, America, the

world’s first experiment in self-rule, can only exist within the bound-

aries of law and order. No law law and order...No

Republic. America no longer a land of self-rule but a land where all

are ruled over!

We thank God for Donald J. Trump, the duly elected 45th President

of the United States. We pray for his strength and for his safety. We

believe he is making America great again for all of its citizens. We

believe although under constant attack from Trump-haters, swamp

monsters, the press and the Deep State he is making life better for

most Americans. Even those who hate Trump,but recently became

employed, guess what, he has made your life better too.

President Trump, unlike his predicessor does not lead from behind.

His foreign policy is making America and its allies safer. Currently

the President’s leadership combined with the might of the American

military keeps Russian aggression in or near Russia, keeps China

from even contemplating any war with America besides a trade war

, which America is bound to come out in a better position than

where it began. Then there is North Korea and “Rocket Man. For

some time now the President has been able to keep Rocket Man’s

rockets grounded. He even changed Kim Jong Un into a more agree-

able person.

The Democrats in Congress learned recently what many have

always known. Saudi Arabian leaders can and sometimes do com-

mit horribly brutal acts. At the same time President Trump negoti-

ated an alliance with Saudi Arabia and Israel. That alliance, is a first

and is of utmost importance for the security and the interests of the

United States and for its allies in the region. The President, we

believe quite rightly, is committed to the continuation of that alliance.

Add Trump’s withdrawal from the catastrophic Obama Iranian

Nuclear Deal and the Middle East although dangerous, is a less

volatile area than it was fast becoming.

On our southern border, using the military, President Trump

recently managed to turn an invasion of illegal aliens around and in

so doing the President kept America’s sovereignty in tact. No sov-

ereignty, no country!

Here at home within our borders President Trump has been doing

battle non-stop with, as mentioned previously, Washington swamp

monsters, communist Liberty-hating leaders of the Democratic Party

and the far leftist DNC. Then there is the Mainstream propaganda

machine, the Fake News. Most aggrevious of all those who attack

this President is the treacherous and treasonous Deep State. Top

officials in the FBI and the DOJ illegally spied on Trump.First as a

candidate, then as President-elect and finally in the White House as

President. All for the purpose of undermining the Presidency in an

effort to topple the duly elected President of the United States, a

silent coup, treason!

For decades the Deep State secretly controlled elected govern-

ments and the course this nation has taken. 10 years ago, enter

Obama, eager to join the Cabal and turn America into some sort of

communist Islamist state and with Hillary Clinton as Secretary of

State, a moneymaking criminal enterprise to boot. Crimes were

committed with the belief Hillary would become the next President

and no one would ever be the wiser. Then along came Trump vow-

ing to drain that Washington swamp!

Today Adam Schiff said Michael Cohen going to prison proves



equal justice under the law. We say, Hillary Clinton and

Barack Obama indicted for treason would be a far better example

of equal justice under the law.

Many serious laws have been broken by many top government

officials in numerous federal agencies. The question is, will anything

ever be done about it? Have secret efforts to right wrongs already

begun? Is Q anon a source of real and of sensitive information, given

to We the People, purposefully in slow drips and drops by POTUS,as

Q proofs seem to suggest? Or, is it as the New York Times and the

Washington Post would like everyone to believe, Q is merely BS? We

believe the New York Times and the Washington Post are Fake News

and Q is real.

All we want for Christmas is to see “equal justice under the law”

become America’s reality, for you, for me, for the Deep State and for


Merry Christmas and may the light of Liberty still shine brightly

across this blessed nation on December 25, 2258. Another 240


Amphibian - Daytona 1928