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Trader Jakes – Issue 824-February 8, 2019

“In God we trust” Page 9


Notice is hereby given that sealed Bids in duplicate (one original plus one (1)

copy) and one (1) electronic PDF copy on Compact disk (CD) or flash drive

for furnishing all labor, materials and equipment for the construction of


IFB # 25-0-2019/SB

will be received at the Office of the Procurement Department, City Hall

Municipal Complex, 120 Malabar Road SE, Suite 200, Palm Bay, Florida

32907, no later than Tuesday, March 12, 2019 at 5:00 p.m. Electronic copy

is optional, but preferred. Bids received after the above time and date will

not be accepted.Any uncertainty regarding the time a Bid is received will be

resolved against the Bidder.

NOTE: Bids will not be opened on the same date and time as identified

above.The Bids will be opened and read aloud in a public meeting which will

be conducted at 10:00 A.M. on Wednesday, March 13, 2019. The location of

the opening and reading will be the Procurement Department, Conference

Room, 120 Malabar Road, SE, Suite 200, Palm Bay, FL 32907.


This project consists of the removal, disposal, re-installation, and restora-

tion of multiple cross drain culvert pipes at thirty (30) locations throughout

the City of Palm Bay’s Port Malabar Unit (PMU) 42. This is a turnkey project

and shall include all incidentals required to complete the project such as util-

ity relocations, material furnishings, and restoration work associated with

the installation of the culvert pipes identified in the design plans (Attachment

A). All Maintenance of Traffic (MOT) costs required shall in included in the

bid as part of the project construction cost. Where detour operations are

planned, the contractor shall furnish plans to the City at least two weeks prior

to implementation to allow adequate review and approval time. A pre-con-

struction video shall be taken to document existing conditions of each loca-

tion prior to mobilization and shall be used for dispute resolution of any

existing damage.

Culvert installations shall be handled in accordance to manufacturers’ spec-

ification and recommendations, City of Palm Bay (CoPB) Requirements, and

the 2019 Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) Standard

Specifications for Road and Bridge Construction Division II and III; links are

provided. Pipe inverts are to be field verified prior to placement of asphalt

but not sooner than backfill being placed and compacted up to at least one-

half the height of the pipe. All field verification shall be done in the presence

of a Public Works Engineering Inspector and emailed to the Public Works

Project Manager or designee prior to paving. Field verification is for infor-

mational purposes only and does not substitute the need for final as-built

verification by a professional licensed surveyor. Please refer to the FDOT

2019 Spec. Book 430 section 4 for acceptable tolerance and resolution. All

pipes noted to have a concrete armor shall be Class IV in addition to the con-

crete armor.

Potential City of Palm Bay water utility conflicts have been identified in table

form found in Attachment B. The contractor shall be responsible for pot-hole

digging to verify utility depths and separation distance to the replacement

stormwater pipes. The contractor shall also be responsible for coordination

with utility owner for all relocations. Where City water utilities are found to

be in conflict, be it direct conflict or separation distance non-conformance,

with the proposed stormwater replacement pipes, the contractor shall be

responsible for the relocation of the City water utility pipe. The City Utilities

Department inspector shall be present for all work on City Utilities. Where

the contractor shall be responsible for the furnish and installation of mater-

ial for the deflection of the City utility, the City Utility Department shall be

responsible for line isolation. The Bid Form includes a utility modification line

item to bid as a lump sum price per pipe location per utility diameter.

Payment for this line item will be made based on whether or not a water line

was moved due to conflict with the new stormwater pipe installation.

The work shall be constructed in accordance with the plans and specifica-

tions which are available on-line, from Public Purchase at;

or from DemandStar at


Links to both sites can be obtained through the City of Palm Bay web page


CD copies can be made

available, upon request, by contacting the Procurement Department at 321-


All addenda to the original plans and specifications will be electronically

posted to the websites identified above. Bidders must acknowledge that

they examined all addenda as set forth in Section 00300(3)(A) of the Bid

form. It is the Bidder’s responsibility to ensure that Bid submittals are in

accordance with all addenda issued. Failure of any Bidder to receive any

such addendum or interpretation shall not relieve such Bidder from its terms

and requirements.

A non-mandatory Pre-Bid meeting will be held on Wednesday, February 20,

2019 at 9:00 a.m. in the Conference Room in the City Hall Annex, 2nd floor,

120 Malabar Road SE – Bldg. A, Palm Bay, Florida, 32907.

Bids will be received for the project as set forth on the Bid Form, and the

award, if made, will be made to the lowest responsible and responsive Bidder

whose qualifications indicate the award will be in the best interest of the City

of Palm Bay.


1.Submitted on standard forms which will be furnished with the specifica-


2.Accompanied by a certified or cashier’s check (drawn in favor of the City of

Palm Bay, Florida) or by a Bid Bond in the amount of ten percent (10%) of the

total Bid.

3.Irrevocable after the time and date for the opening of Bids and for a period

of ninety (90) days thereafter;

4.Submitted in sealed envelopes marked:


BID # 25-0-2019/SB

In addition, the Bidder’s name, address and Florida Contractor’s License

Number shall be shown on the outside of the sealed envelope. If submitted

by mail, the sealed envelope shall be enclosed in a separate mailing envelope

with the notation "SEALED BID ENVELOPE ENCLOSED" on the face thereof.

The City of Palm Bay reserves the right to waive technicalities, irregularities

or formalities; to reject any or all Bids; and to accept that Bid which is in the

best interest of the City of Palm Bay.

Bidders must comply with the President’s Executive Orders Nos. 11246 and

11375 which prohibit discrimination in employment regarding race, creed,

color, sex or national origin.

Bidders must certify that they do not, and will not, maintain or provide for

their employees any facilities that are segregated on the basis of race, color,

creed or national origin.

Bobbye Marsala, CPPO, CPPB, C.P.M.

Chief Procurement Officer

City of Palm Bay

Date Advertised: February 8, 2019

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