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Trader Jakes – Issue 832-April 5, 2019

“In God we trust” Page 7

TYRANNY...One Generation Away!

Do you know in England today, there


a Freedom of Speech?

One can shout out any hate speech one desires. Any English subject

may even slander or scream perversities at the Queen. The very

worst consequence you may receive, a fat lip from some offended

Brit. That is of course, if the offensive speech is shouted from

“Speaker’s Corner.” Speaker’s Corner is a very small, distant from

anything, spot in Hyde Park, a large and ancient park located near

Buckingham Palace in London. That same outlandish speech will

definitely bring negative and legal repercussions, more longlasting

than a fat lip, if shouted from any other location in England.

Some may believe, how refreshing... to visit or live in a land where

there is no Second Amendment. None of those right wing,

Conservative, gun-toten, Trump loving citizens.Well you better add

to that, how pleasant it is, to live in a land with no unalienable

Rights. No Right of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

The rain is pelting down, splashing loudly against the panes of

glass that look out into that dark, dark night. It’s making such a

racket, you get up, walk over and turn the hardly audible telly up.

Just as you sit back down, dinner once again in front of you, the

entrance door is violently kicked in and smashes into the wall. In

rush 2 thugs wearing bellaclavas, a wool hood with only eyeholes

and a mouth hole, as they rush towards you, the first intruder

swinging a baseball bat, you jump up, grabbing your dinner knife

and thrust it deeply into the attacker’s throat. The second thug turns

and flees out the open doorway and into the cold, wet darkness.The

police arrive. Hysterically you explain the horriffic event that just

occurred. You are pushed to the floor, handcuffed and hauled off to

jail. The charge? First degree murder! Then there is the other sce-

nario. You are dead. Head beaten in. Not a chance, one unarmed

subject against 2 baseball bat wielding thugs.Well,so much for your

unalienable Rights in England.

Now let’s fly back across the pond to the Land of the Free.

The Declaration of Independence describes certain truths to be

self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed

by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these

are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. It matters little that

these truly enlightened statements were written in a time and in a

place where all men were not equal. What matters is they were

written and some 240 plus years later, after winning a

Revolutioonary war that freed Americans from the tyrannical grasp

of King George, after the Constitution, a document Of the People, By

the People , For the People that limits the power of government over

the People became the Law of the Land, after a horrible Civil war

that abolished slavery, after segregation, after separate but equal,

after the 1960’s civil unrest, after Martin Luther King’s “I’ve got a

dream,” after the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and now some 50 years

later what really matters is America


become that place where

all men are created equal and where those self-evident truths have

come to fruition. The 2008 election of Barak Obama, 44th President

of the United States, seemed to prove it. Unfortunately Barak Obama

wished to fundamentally change America and he did! Obama’s

changes included Common Core and the indoctrination of an entire

generation of students.A generation, now of voting age, who believe

socialism and the suffering it brings is a more fair and better system

than Capitalism and a Free Market Place economy.

The recent Congressional election resulted with a Democrat con-

trolled House. Among its freshman members are 3 young radical

leftists who seem to be controlling the party. They are Alexandria

Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar and Rashida Talib, all extreme leftist

haters of Liberty, haters of Freedom and Haters of the Constitution

which limits their power of government over the People. Power and

control is to a leftist as blood is to a vampire. This new crazy left

with its Green New Deal has become so radical, that this week ,the

House could not pass a bill making infanticide, the murder of viable

babies illegal. Last month they could not pass a resolution con-

demning anti-semitism! They want wide open borders and an end

to American sovereignty.

Freedom is one generation away from tyranny, and that genera-

tion is very near. Folks, support our President in his constant efforts

to secure our Freedom. After 241 years, let’s not become just

another England or something even worse.





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