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Trader Jakes – Issue 895- June 19, 2020

Page 8 “Thank You For Reading Trader Jakes”

Angel of Protection

From Rob Jacobs

One day toward the end of 1999, I asked my father if he would like

one of my angel art pieces to hang on the wall above his bed in his

retirement home. He enthusiastically said, "yes," and chose Angel 5.

Then the following words came out of my mouth: this angel will pro-

tect you. I believe this was truly a spiritually-evoked statement,

because about six months later this angelic premonition came to

pass, which literally saved my father's life.When I visited my father,

who resided at a retirement hotel in Westwood, California, the ritual

was to call him first, planning our visit together, which I did every

time, without exception. Heading home from my studio one day, the

thought ìsee your fatherî flashed in my head. It was so strongly pro-

nounced that I immediately turned around and headed for

Westwood. I had not called him or planned to see him that day, but

"see your father" kept pounding in my head.

My heart was racing by the time I got to his room on the seventh

floor. I banged on the door, but all I could hear was the television

blaring. I ran down to the office, got the staff to open the door, and

found him lying on the floor, unconscious. It took the paramedics

only a few minutes to reach us, and they were able to revive him

from insulin shock. Without the paramedics help, he would have

been gone. I knew then, without a doubt, that the angel hanging over

his bed had protected him by acting as a messenger to me. He had

been plucked from his body's eternal rest. However, a year later, he

passed on peacefully during the night. He was ninety-three years

old and had lived in every decade of the Twentieth Century.

If we live our lives in the light of our own angels, then we will live, as

God lives, without fear. As God is real, our angels are real, and they

are here to help, guide and protect us in every way. They are not just

hanging on walls, or sitting on tables; our angels are within us, and

all around us. All we have to do is realize this wonderful truth.

Saved by the Angels


From T.L.

In March of 1995, the Angels told me that I was going to be involved

in a serious head-on car accident and that they would protect me

and I would be alright. This was the first time I had a direct experi-

ence of the Angels! They assured me I would not be hurt and told

me not to worry. Despite their loving presence and assurance, I

deliberately pulled over to delay my travel for 20 minutes, thinking

that if I did this, I could change my fate and avoid the accident.

As I was driving along at 55 MPH on the freeway, a man came

across the divider and hit my car, crashing into the driver’s side

door. As my car slid across the freeway, the accident continued to

worsen and caused a five-car pileup. Some of the cars flipped over

and several people died due to the severity of impacts. However, all

the while, I was not afraid. I knew God was watching over me and

his angels were taking care of everything, and I felt completely at

peace.There were a few military reserve people involved in the

accident, and they helped me out of the wreckage of my car as the

three ambulances and highway patrol officers were arriving on the

scene. Later, as I was standing next to my car, an officer said How

terrible- the driver of this car must have been killed.And I replied, Oh

no, I was the driver!! He shook his head no, looked at the car again

to inspect the damage on the driver’s side, and insisted that the dri-

ver would have definitely been killed. Even the tow truck driver,

when we were arranging to remove the vehicle, offered the consol-

ing words, I am so sorry for the loss in your family. He had never

seen a wreck like that where the driver had survived.Despite the

obvious conclusion that I should be dead from such a horrible acci-

dent, I came through the accident without even a single cut. I felt a

few slivers of glass in my hair later when I washed it, and glass was

embedded in the car seat when I returned to look at it, but I was

completely unscathed. I would never have reacted in the peaceful

way I did without that guidance. I believe in God and I know with-

out a doubt that he gave his angels charge over me!

1947 Unidentified man

letting out the shrimp net

Angels are reported under a variety of circumstances. Another

report comes from Dr. Frank Oski,

a professor of pediatrics


whom I trained

at Johns Hopkins University

. Oski is not a new-

age guru. Rather he is a demanding pediatrician with an encyclo-

pedic knowledge of medicine who insisted that his students come

to the hospital having read the latest medical-journal articles. Yet to

my great surprise Dr. Oski has been touched by the same mystical

light described by people down through the ages who have had

visions, including near-death experiences.

As a medical student Oski was enthusiastic about the potential of

modern medicine, but frustrated by the fact that children die of con-

genital defects that are beyond anyone's control. One night he went

to bed pondering the fate of a dying patient. Although he was doing

his best, the child was not improving. He felt powerless to help and

went to sleep wondering why this child had to die. About an hour

after falling asleep Oski was awakened by a bright light, one that

shone in his room like a private sun. Oski could make out the form

of a woman in the glow of the intense light. She had wings on her

back and was approximately twenty years old.

In a quiet and reassuring voice the woman explained to the speech-

less Oski why it was that children had to die:

"The angel (I don't know what else to call her) said that life is an

endless cycle of improvements and that humans are not perfect yet.

She said that most people have this secret revealed to them when

they die, but that handicapped children often know this and endure

their problems without complaining because they know that their

burdens will pass. Some of these children, she said, have even been

given the challenge of teaching the rest of us how to love. It

stretches our own humanity to love a child who is less than per-

fect," said the angel. "And that is an important lesson for us."

"Oski has been courageous enough to talk freely about his experi-

ence. He has even written about it for a major pediatric journal. In

that article he wrote, "I will make no attempt to convince you as to

the reality of my story. But I would merely ask that you keep an open

mind on the mysteries of life which occur to you on a daily basis."

"To see an angel, you must see another's soul. To feel an angel, you

must touch another's heart. To hear an angel you must listen to

both." -- Author Unknown

Pediatric Physician

Dr. Frank Oski’s Angel Vision